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Over 20 years of ongoing development
and still moving forward!

With a dynamic presence of more than 20 years, Petridis Water Technologies makes your life
better offering ideal solutions regarding the most valuable and vital element for all, water!

Working with the greatest companies around the world, Petridis Water Technologies
is included among the leading companies for drinking water treatment, swimming pools
and wellness projects, in Greece and abroad.

Using high-end and innovative technologies, Petridis Water Technologies meets your
demands with absolute precision. The company is constantly moving forward, expands
its activity and safely meets your specific needs. What's more, everything's happening
in an environment-friendly way using the latest “green” and ecological practices.

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A blue world. Your world.

A carefree and fun world. A world that includes family, beloved ones and friends.
In your own house, in your private ambiance. You deserve the best and we know it.
For your pleasure and safety, we offer the latest innovative solutions.

Because the perfect pool, must be your pool!

Places to escape. Places to dream of.

Water can change every space. It can make it ideal, impressive, special. A place that promises pleasure.
Water is reference for all. It's related to vacation, relaxation, escape, fun.
Offer your guests what they really need.

We have the knowledge, we have the experience, we have the best way to help you.

Fun is here. Life is here!

Either it's swimming, paddling, gliding, sliding or splashing, everybody loves to have fun!
There is nothing you can't do in the water! Water slides and swimming pools make everyone
behave like children. People play, shout, laugh, sing and feel playful! We therefore do our best
and offer the most creative and safe solutions.

Because, it's so nice to give others joy!

We love water. We love sports.

Sports are vital. We need to exceed limits, to do more, to support them in every possible way.
Using every innovation available, offering eco-friendly solutions, applying the safest practices.

Thanks to our passion, experience and expertise,
we try our best for the ones that give their all in the water!

Innovation. Technology.
Respect for the environment.

Petridis Water Technologies uses the latest and most innovative technologies.
Concluding exclusive partnerships with the most important and highly regarded companies abroad,
we offer eco-friendly products and solutions that cater for a safe investment.

Controllers technology
Controllers technology
Automated systems
for disinfection and pH control
using safe and high-end
technologies based on latest
micro processors generation for
precise and reliable measuring.
Dosing technology
Dosing technology
Durable and reliable dosing
systems of high performance
and precision designed to offer
a guaranteed operation even in
the most difficult conditions.
Pools & spa management system
Pools & spa management system
A complete range of central
management systems (BMS) for
pools and spas, which control
and monitor all functions,
thus offering flexibility,
low cost operation and safety.
Electrolysis systems
Electrolysis systems
Pioneering on-site
chlorine production systems
offering an integrated,
cost-effective and safe solution
for chlorination.
Ozon - UV - ClO2 technology
Ozon - UV - ClO2 technology
Integrated systems
of Ozon - UV - ClO2 technology
for a highly effective and safe
water disinfection.
Pump technology
Pump technology
State-of-the-art recirculation
water pumps for swimming pools
and water parks, offering high
effectiveness and low cost.
Filter technology
Filter technology
Modern filtration systems that
comply with the DIN standards
and ensure the required
water quality when applied.
Chemicals & analysis technology
Chemicals & analysis technology
Chemicals of new philosophy
and analysis instruments
for absolute safety meeting
all needs of swimming pools.
Cleaning technology
Cleaning technology
Reliable and effective
automated pool cleaners
for private
and professional use.
Wellness facilities
Wellness facilities
Thalassotherapy centers,
saunas, spas, steam rooms,
infrared cabins, floating rooms
and therapy bathtubs, designed
and implemented using with
the latest technology.
We have the knowledge. We have the experience.
We offer you what's best.

Petridis Water Technologies keeps a close watch on the international developments in the sector of water treatment
and swimming pools to offer you state-of-the-art technologies.

We act responsibly and meet your every need or demand offering custom-made solutions just for you.
Moreover, we remain at your service in all phases, from installation to maintenance, or anything else you might need,
always with respect for the environment through “green” practices.

    Endless swimming experience.

    Go beyond every swimming limit.
    Feel the absolute freedom offered by the
    innovative Endless Pools. No matter how small
    your space (indoor or outdoor), you can enjoy
    all benefits of an Olympic-size pool.

    The Fastlane system for counter-current
    swimming, allows you to exercise without
    limitations. Moreover, Swim Spa creates
    the ideal conditions for relaxation and fun.
    Our systems are flexible enough to be used
    everywhere! For professional, domestic
    or rehabilitation purposes, Endless Pools
    meet your every need!
    Discover yourself what they can do for you!

    The first “green”
    swimming pool technology.

    Energy Saving Pool is the first pool technology
    that combines pleasure and safety with money
    saving. You can now save up to 75% of your
    monthly operational cost. Thanks to the innovative
    technology of the leading German company
    Dinotec, our clients can save energy, water and
    chemicals, thus ensuring the ideal water quality.
    Energy Saving Pool technology offers you ease
    at swimming and caters for the environment too.
    In addition, safe and effective performance
    is guaranteed as pools are monitored through
    a touch screen from anywhere in your house,
    as well as via your mobile phone or tablet.

    The “greenest” and smartest pool technology
    is here to improve your life quality!

  • Relaxation, Fitness, Harmony.
    That's Wellness!

    Working in collaboration with specialized business
    partners, we design and construct the most
    integrated spa and thalassotherapy centers
    just for you.

    When it comes to Wellness, we offer everything
    you could ever imagine, from saunas, spa, pools
    and steam rooms, to infrared cabins, experience
    showers and float rooms. Whether you love
    traditional practices or prefer modern treatments,
    we are here to suggest the ideal solution for every
    individual case.
    Of course, we make sure that hygiene standards,
    as well as the full automated control of your
    facilities are observed. Turn your space into
    a retreat of absolute harmony.

    We are here to help you!

  • Technology to rely on.

    Co-operating with leading companies abroad,
    we provide you with the latest solutions
    to meet your every need - from planning and
    construction to maintenance!

    Thanks to our fresh and functional ideas,
    along with the most innovative products,
    we guarantee your pleasure and safety.

    We also offer a vast range of products
    including filters; pumps; automated systems;
    pool cleaners; electrolysis, dosing and ozone
    technology equipment; water analyzers;
    chemicals etc.
    And, you can be sure that everything complies
    to the strictest European standards.

    Because what matters the most, is to win
    your trust.

  • Swimming
    should be fancy!

    To ensure your greatest amusement ever,
    we offer products and solutions that will make
    your pool special! Counter-current swimming
    systems, hydro-massages, water curtains,
    underwater RGB lights or anything else
    imaginable, is available to take you to cloud nine!

    Our clients are also offered a wide variety
    of pool enclosures, covers and heat pumps
    which guarantee a smooth, effective and
    low cost pool function.

    Because swimming should only be fancy!

Every project is a challenge!

For Petridis Water Technologies every project is an important venture! No matter how big or small a project is,
we act in the same sense of responsibility throughout its implementation, with perfection in mind!

After all, this is why you trust us.

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